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Ways to beat Galbatorix

I just thought of another way to beat Galbatorix aside from showing him the wrongness of his actions. What if one could strip him of his ability to use magic?

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Eragon's Views.

It seems to me that Eragon is dangerously idealistic given his reactions to Torkenbrand's death, and Arya making sure that the soldiers of the Empire they killed after he killed the Ra'zac, looked like they had been killed by humans.

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Idea for Governing Magicians.

What if one were to impliment something similar to the Ministry of Magic that both magic and non-magic people could speak to about magical crimes or wrong doings?

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Actions After Defeating Galbatorix

What would you do after you beat Galbatorix and were a Rider?

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Book 5 is out!

Tales of alagaesia - The fork, The Witch, and the Worm

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Galbatorix's Weaknesses.

Aside from his dependency on the Eldunari and his madness. I think Galbatorix's greated weakness was his own overpowering arrogance.

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Magical Creatures.

What other magical creatures would you add to the world of Alegasia if you could?

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Trying this new poll feature. What’s your favourite race?

  • Elves
  • Humans
  • Dwarves
  • Urgals
  • Dragons
  • Other (not sure if you can specify)
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Story Help

Hello everyone. The reason I'm posting this is becuase I like to write stories based on my favorite books/movies/tv shows and in this case I'm writing one set in the inheritance cycle universe that takes place some time after Inheritrance. The story mainly revolves around two characters: Khol Drogo, human son of Nasuada and Murtagh chosen to become a dragon rider and Raugmar, a crimson dragon named after Saphira II ancestor that hatched for Khol. It also involves a female human dragon rider Seraphinus Rashid, her female purple dragon Vhagar and elf princess (or warrior) of Sílthrim Azhrina Ellewen with Seraphinus/Azhrina acting as love interests for Khol while Vhagar for Raugmar. In the story, I'm also going to be using a mixture of content from both the movie Eragon and the book series as well as some things from Lord of the Rings but thought that it would be nice to get some help from those on here who might be interested :)

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Humans, Dwarves and Urgals becoming like Elves.

I can't help but think that if the Urgals, Humans, and Dwarves become like the Elves things would get pretty boring.

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Romantic Life Partners.

If you were a Rider would you want to be with an elf, dwarf or human or Grey Folk?

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Community App

Inheritance was added to the Fandom Overall App. It was mentioned by Mira Laime. That is wonderful news.

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Tenga will probably have a greater role in the 5th book after his disappearance in inheritance. He probably found the name of the ancient language.

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Magic Police

I can't say I approve entirely of the idea of spying on everyone who uses magic.
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Which is the best fantasy world? Alagaësia vs Middle Earth vs Narnia.

I love them all and would like to hear your thoughts.
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Who is your favourite character from the Inheritance Cycle?

Mine is Arya however I do not like Eragon's feelings for her. I think they should be good friends but he should have let her be when she asked him to.
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Reboot Movie??

Who here would LOVE to see the Eragon movie re-made to more accurately represent the books?? I know I would
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Sloan's Baser Motives.

I can't help but wonder if Sloan's baser motives included being a control freak, that he had to control everything around him.
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Art by Paolini

Here is a link to artwork by Paolini
Christopher Paolini's Art Portfolio - Sketches to Completed Pieces
Christopher Paolini's Art Portfolio - Sketches to Completed Pieces Paolini
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