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• 12/16/2017


I sternly disagree with Eragon regarding Murtagh's killing of Torcumbrand. That jerk Torcumbrand deserved it as he was a slaver. Where Torcumbrand not a slaver I would feel differently but he wasn't.
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• 12/17/2017
Aye. You only get one life, that’s it, so it’s your only time to be well & happy. Spending your life in slavery condemns you to wasting all of your time on earth in agony & servitude, it wastes it, you’re effectively stealing decades away from a person by enslaving them. Multiply that by even ten, & already Torkenbrand has taken more years of life than he himself would normally have; he’s taken more than he could ever pay back, & chances are good he enslaved more than just 10 folks.

So, he needed to be stopped. From enslaving anyone else ever again, & all of his slavers as well. I agree.
• 12/17/2017
Aye indeed. Eragon had a pretty sheltered life honestly. So did I, but I understand the anger of those who were enslaved
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