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• 1/10/2018

Mary sue?

Arya seems very Mary sue by the time the series arc and war is over. She is the queen of the elves, a dragon rider who's dragon is mated to saphira, as well as one of the last three living dragons, and she is extremely beautiful, intelligent, strong in magic and fighting. I think the balance with her emotions isn't enough, as she seems so calm and mysterious and ends up always the one who needs to be apologized to when people do something wrong. It seems like she needs a better backstory than "oh, my one true love and beat friend died, and my mother rejected me for seventy years. Pity me... "

I mean, this is a discussion board, so do you agree?
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• 1/11/2018
You're welcome! :P
• 2/10/2018
If you think about it, almost every protagonist in a fantasy story is a Mary Sue.
Therefore, are they really Mary Sues when everybody else is a Mary Sue as well? Is Mary Sue even a fair term to begin with?
• 2/10/2018
You do have a point, but many characters can be powerful and yet they have other things going on. for example, murtagh. His pychological issues are part of his complicated personality that makes him a strong character, even if he is very powerful. Arya however seems to be 2-D. Sure she's had some bad stuff, but it feels as if that was out there just to make her intresting. It doesn't really add depth to her character. Her writing seems to be merely focused on the fact that she is powerful and beautiful, and that she is supposed to be there as a mere love interest for our main character.
• 2/10/2018
Funny because to me if she were to be a "mere love interest", she'd do a terribly bad job at that.
For all things considered I actually enjoyed her aloofness a lot. An elf who spent the majority of life isolated from her kind should be just like this. In fact, even if her backstory didn't include a dead true-love, and she was an entirely un-romanceable person from beginning to end, I'd take that no questions asked. I think it fits her. It'd be good sport seeing this unbreakable ice queen sort of person not giving two shits about the conventional form of social interaction and just kept walking her own way, to dawn or dusk.
• 2/11/2018
I agree with you on that, but you do understand what I'm getting at? I personally would enjoy more emotion in Her character rather than being aloof ALL the time. For example, she might express more concern or even smile once in a while. I mean, my favorite ary a moment (other than the doctor who refrences) is when she was drunk because it showed more character and it was pretty nice to see her laughing and relaxing for once.
• 2/12/2018
It's been years since I last opened any Inheritance books, and you just made me today for a while. I remember a part in Eldest where during a conversation with Eragon she casually picks up a branch and starts "weaving the clumps of needles into a small basket". Laugh if you want, this is one of the defining moments I see in her. She's a character with a high level of emotional restraint, and is only vastly sensitive beneath her expressions. While this seems to warrant her underappreciation among the various people I came across, I do not attribute this as a fault in her writing, but rather the general literary tastes in favor of instant gratification and comic relief.

Let me get this straight, she's far from a MS for at least 4 reasons:
Being over 100 years old since the beginning of the series, she has every right to her strength and repertoire.
She may be gloom, but is not emotionally deprived and borderline does not care for the approval of others, especially Eragon.
She does not possess any wildly improbable capability or visual features.
Her presence does not break the plot progression, neither does it disturb how other characters function when they are placed in the same scene.

You seem to have a interest in these things, and this forum is pretty vacant, so you can also pm me if you want to talk more :)
• 2/12/2018
I agree with all of your statements but one: she is said to be considered vastly beautiful and stuff. Even with the slanted eyebrows and literal diamonds for eyes, erago n and many other characters find her pretty.
• 3/26/2018
Remember in Eldest, when she had an argument with the dwarf priest? She seemed very Aloof. I mean, Elves are usually near atheists, but she was pushing it. She only realized he behavior in Brisingr- Inheritance and changed. "I'm not one of your helpless women, Eragon!"
• 3/27/2018
Well yeah no one is saying she isn’t aloof, quite the opposite. As for the elves being near atheists; you would probably call them agnostic atheists, but yes they are literal atheists not just nearly.

The sole reason I think Arya is the only one who has an outburst at the religious is because she had been cut off from elves for so long that she does not hold to their formalities of politeness as much, a normal elf would never insult a foreign statesman like that while acting as an ambassador. He could be enraged & he’d still be very polite. But otherwise? Pretty much all elves think this way essentially, & if they weren’t so polite they’d probably do the same thing Arya did.
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