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• 3/4/2018

Who was it that Angela was casting their fate for in Brisingr???

In Brisingr (page 254-257) Eragon comes upon Angela rolling dragon bones for two mysterious women, just wondering if anyone had any ideas on who those people were, considering we never get any explanation.
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• 3/9/2018
I've always suspected that they are another race, or beings with magical abilities that we haven't heard of yet... because they are unknown to Alagaesia and/or not spoken of. It would make sense with all the changes going on within Alagaesia at the end of the series. And with Angela being privy to knowledge that almost no one else is. Maybe I'm just being hopeful, but I like to imagine that one or both of them were shapeshifters and that, for whatever reason, they were on a journey for freedom. Whatever the case, Christopher has said that we'll find out the truth in Book 5.
• 3/12/2018
I feel there are basically no grounds to support that theory. Paolini disclosed so much about his world that he had to keep some secrets; Angela & her dealings (Tenga, those two women) I think were the biggest way of dangling something in your face to make you want to learn more, but never satisfying that desire with the answer. It keeps you hooked & wondering, since all of the other stuff has been thoroughly explained.
• 3/26/2018
I know this is theorizing. It points out evidence to believe that Angela and Tenga are descendents of the grey folk. Maybe those two are also descendents of the Grey Folk? But that is just what I think.
• 5/20/2018
I dunno, but I bet they'll come back later. Still, I think that they'd be ordinary people who do extraordinary things... but you never know.
• 7/18/2018
I think that's there's a chance, as there is with Tenga and Angela, that they are related to the grey folk. They are certainly out of the ordinary and the women at least is a very skilled warrior, seemingly more skilled than any human could be (as shown when she saved Roran's life during the attack on Uru'baen). Then again, maybe they're related to the Inarë mentioned in Jeod's letter.
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