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• 6/9/2018

Where does the word Inheritance appear?

I recently re-read the series and was wondering how many times the word inheritance appears, specifically in book 4, and where it appears. I was trying to see if there was already a compilation of the appearances of the word Inheritance in the series, but couldn't find one.
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• 6/9/2018
I think it’s the general theme of the series. Eragon inherited the role of Rider from the old generation; Brom, Oromis, et cetera who all died. He inherited their responsibilities to the next generation of Riders, & inheritance becomes fairly pivotal in Eldest where the issue of parentage & Zar’roc is flying around. You might also say Eragon inherited the Eldunarí in a way, the last remnants of the old society passing on to his keeping.
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