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• 7/2/2018

Galbatorix, an analysis

Galbatorix, the mad king of the Broddring Kingdom, just called the empire by many. Let’s discuss his pros and cons as a villain.

In my personal opinion Galbatorix was an evil person, but not the worst king. The fourth book fixed some issues in the first three as to how evil Galbatorix was. But I am going to discuss how arguments for and against him that i’ve Heard are flawed and put in my two cents (not that it’s important)

Galbatorix had to be stopped because he was insane:
First, yes, he was insane, but after wreaking vengeance he hid away to take over the Eldunari, which allowed the Varden to rise and take over. Ok fine, that’s all well and good. He began tightening his hold and raising taxes again. And a “poor” place like Palancar Valley was actually pretty well stocked for a “poor” 14 century ish village, even after being taxed like crazy. He also did not directly kill normal citizens, he merely ordered forces places and people died as collateral. An awful thing yes, but it happens in history, he’s not shown to desire the torture amd destruction of everyone, just everyone who opposes him. The Varden, while not as evil, have committed several atrocities, but they fought a skewed battle anyways and we read in their perspective so we accept that it needed to be done. Hey the quicker they can get rid of Galbatorix the better, I can understand that.

The most evil things we’ve seen or have been shown that Galbatorix did was his betrayal and control of the Urgals, curroption of Murtagh, murder of the riders, slaying of Oromis and Gladr’s body, slavery and the Ra’zaac, and the allowing of knowledge on how to make shades and allowing Durga to exist. Those are all evil things, but he was stronger than Durza or any Shade for that matter. So if they did anything he truly disagreed with, he’d stop them off he wished to.
Before you attack me though realize that at the end of the day while Galbatorix is relatively a weak villain, the reason he had to be stopped was for one thing, he’s a fallible immortal ruling mortals. it doesn’t matter how’s good of a king he is, his experience will end up with him always being more traditionalists than innovative, and absolute power always curropts, being the most powerful being in all of Alageisia mean so if he ordered the genocide of Half then empire he could have it done. And once he was somebody he jus took crushed dissidents and the spreading of his attrocities until allwho could remember or spread it were silenced and dead. and since he’s immortal, yes, the suffering he can cause being an unstoppable insane vengeful god-king will outweigh a 100 year rebellion.

Final verdict: wasn’t the most particularly evil but had to be deposed of due to the fact he was an unchecked unending power with selfish intentions.
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• 7/2/2018
Oh yes, and the slaughter of the dragon riders, and genocide of an entire race, you know who else did that? Hitler. Galbatorix is basically an immortal magic Nazi. So like I said, he’s not the most well written but he is evil. People who complain that the Varden are the bad guys view the story as only a narrative and I don’t feel they take into account the feelings of the people living under his rule, or the people who where affected the most.
• 7/11/2018
Pros for me is you can understand what he sees. He started as a teen that suffered a loss and blamed the system for it. He's a pretty stereotypical villain case that spiraled out of hand.
• 8/23/2018
I agree he was an immortal Nazi but you could also understand his original motives. But he took them way too far also I think the Riders could have done more to allieviate his insanity.
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