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• 9/21/2018

Who is your favourite character from the Inheritance Cycle?

Mine is Arya however I do not like Eragon's feelings for her. I think they should be good friends but he should have let her be when she asked him to.
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• 9/21/2018
I would say Brom if we knew more about him. What little we do know is very intriguing, and I think if there was ever a prequel he’d be my favorite. I like Angela for similar reasons, but again we don’t know much of her.

So, with the current lack of information, I think I have to say Murtagh, and I will explain why.

Arya I find distasteful. Roran, while a good character, is not complex (he doesn’t need to be, but it makes it hard to love him).

Nasuada is childish and haughty, as we see with her behavior toward Trianna and Orrin during Eldest, yet she demands people treat her otherwise in the most petulant manner. She survives and succeeds through sheer dumb luck, the competence/mercy of those around her, and Elva. Without Elva she’d be dead or deposed; she is carried to victory by those around her, and when the time comes to share the spoils, she mistreats Orrin and gives his nation, who risked the most of anyone else, a freaking pittance reward. I daresay Surda could have claimed the entire empire, rather than let a rag tag team of terrorists become a government, but at the very least he should’ve gotten Belatona.

Eragon I like as a character, but he too is very young, and makes a great many mistakes repeatedly (e.g. chasing after Arya because “I can only have an Elf :(((” when there’s an entire nation of Elves to choose from; he even admits he would change his mind if he caroused a bit), and a lot of his choices are aggravating for their stupidity. That makes it hard for me to make him a favorite. It wouldn’t be bad if he made mistakes here and there, you expect that, but he rarely _learns_ from them and thus keeps repeating them.

Saphira and Orik are close seconds, especially Saphira. My only problem with her is that she is literally born a fully fleshed out character, deus ex machina’d into having a personality. You don’t really see her grow as a person, like with her true name, which she guesses first without trouble; kinda Mary Sueish. The only real struggle that shapes her is her loneliness as the last of a dying breed, which isn’t really fleshed out, and her fumbled relationship with Glaedr. She is otherwise just wise, wise, wise despite having few experiences and mistakes to learn from. Orik has complex character depth from his history, and is a steadfast friend. He is very unlike Eragon in that he is competent and has political experience to lean on, as we see in Brisingr. My only issue is that he’s not very present/focal to the story, and is a clear side character.

That leaves Murtagh. I can find hardly any fault with him; he is deep, shaped by struggle; he is moral, and does what is right when he can despite punishment; he is flawed, a broken character who lashes out at the world for mistreating him, which you actually understand and emphasize with; he makes the best of what he is given. He’s an incredibly sad character whose motivations you genuinely come to appreciate and sympathize with, the brother who was not saved by his mother like Eragon was; a victim of fate. He is a fully fleshed out character, like Eragon, to the point where you can imagine yourself in his shoes and see how he got to each point in his life. If I had the choices he had, I don’t think I could choose much differently. I like him because of his similarity to Brom, too, carving out a destiny from the cruel world around him through sheer perseverance, rather than being given a future on a silver platter.
• 9/21/2018
I really liked Oromis and Glaedr. They were complex, had a really good story, and were just likeable characters all around.

I really wish Brom had been around longer, but i understand why they killed him off.

Needless to say, I adored Saphira. She was one of the greatest characters in any novel I’ve read. I liked to see the way she grew along with Eragon, but they were also so different.

I actually appreciated Eragon’s feelings for Arya, and I really wanted it to work out. It did almost in the end, but I was hoping for them to be together. I think I felt almost as bad as Eragon did when she left at the end.
• 9/29/2018

I can somewhat relate to what OP has said. Arya in my opinion, as opposed to many people's beliefs is a relatively well thought out character and a rare one in that. One could say being an ice queen is Arya's quintessential thing, as this personallity allows her to shove aside anything that gets in her way. To put simply, Arya puts no effort in trying to please anyone, be it book characters or even readers. As a daughter / heir she keeps herself away from her mother's demands, as a self-designated diplomat she finds no difficulty smacking dwarven priests in their temple, and finally as the supposed protagonist love interest she screams "Not me!! Find someone your age plsthxbye" as opposed to every other crummy fantasy love story where the two thousand year old elf maiden suddenly finds no savour in life save the human boy Sue possessing immense cultural barrier and 1/100th her life experiences, at first acquaintance.

In Arya I see a blunt, die-hard, no-compromise individual who's ready to teach a lesson to anyone who tells her be otherwise. She may not be the most amiable character to most, but what a higher-than-life person should be like if made real.

• 10/6/2018

Arya.... or Ismira i feel like if there was another book she would have a life worth documenting. she is after all the one child we know about after the rise of the new riders, but i also like elva

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