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• 9/29/2018

Story Help

Hello everyone. The reason I'm posting this is becuase I like to write stories based on my favorite books/movies/tv shows and in this case I'm writing one set in the inheritance cycle universe that takes place some time after Inheritrance. The story mainly revolves around two characters: Khol Drogo, human son of Nasuada and Murtagh chosen to become a dragon rider and Raugmar, a crimson dragon named after Saphira II ancestor that hatched for Khol. It also involves a female human dragon rider Seraphinus Rashid, her female purple dragon Vhagar and elf princess (or warrior) of Sílthrim Azhrina Ellewen with Seraphinus/Azhrina acting as love interests for Khol while Vhagar for Raugmar. In the story, I'm also going to be using a mixture of content from both the movie Eragon and the book series as well as some things from Lord of the Rings but thought that it would be nice to get some help from those on here who might be interested :)

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• 11/7/2018

Seems interesting you should try and do it, but, how does the son of Nasuada have the last name of rogo, fix continuity errors or explain the princesses origin because I do y see Arya having a child

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