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The worst one is Íorûnn.Eragon

Íorûnn was a female dwarf and chief of Dûrgrimst Vrenshrrgn during the Rider War.[1]


She was always seen with her wolf-head helmet and likely always a weapon. Most regarded her as pretty, even by human standards, and she developed an odd, and rather lewd, interest in Eragon, to his embarrassment and Orik's amusement. During her conversations with Eragon, "she insisted upon making allusions to the dwarves' history and mythology that Eragon did not understand but that seemed to amuse Orik and the other dwarves to no end."

Íorûnn was one of four dwarves to seek the throne following Hrothgar's slaughter, along with Orik, Gannel, and Nado. Based on Eragon's assessment, she seemed to want the throne only for power, but she only had one other clan backing her, Dûrgrimst Urzhad.

She eventually realized her bid was futile and backed Orik as king, with the final and deciding vote. She seemed to understand that Galbatorix would be satisfied with nothing less than complete control over Alagaësia and did not think it fit for the dwarves to not battle against him. Orik later told Eragon that now Íorûnn will expect, at the least, to be in Orik's council. The idea seemed to please Eragon, as he felt that the Varden would have great need of the Vrenshrrgn ("Wolves of War") in the coming battle if they were worthy of their name.


In a Random Buzzers December 2011 interview with Christopher Paolini, Paolini stated that Íorûnn "was a particular favorite" of his, and that he "always thought of her as a dwarf version of Mae West". Paolini also confirmed that Íorûnn had been flirting with Eragon in Brisingr.


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