An air bomb was an advanced magical technique that worked similar to the Jierda strike. It was slower than the jierda strike, but could send enemies flying just the same and costed much less energy. The words used to create an air bomb were "thrysta vindr," meaning, "compress(and thrust?) the air."


When an air bomb was created, it would explode, thrusting a blast of pneumatic pressure in the direction specified by the caster, sending anything caught in its path flying. It probably produced a sucking or inhaling sound when it was being formed(because it was drawing air into a single compressed area), and an explosion(or just a gust of wind) when it was unleashed.


Air bombs were excellent tools for punting objects or people long distances, since it consumed less energy than a jierda strike. It seems that air bombs could be directed in specific directions, since explosions travel outward in all directions with equal force, and Murtagh was not affected by his own air bomb when he cast it into Eragon, who was standing right next to him. It is possible that a less skilled user might lose control of an air bomb and hit himself.

Role in the booksEdit

During the Battle of the Burning Plains, Murtagh used an air bomb on Eragon after being unmasked. It was later used by Eragon under Dras-Leona in Inheritance while fighting soldiers protected by Magic.

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