Alalëa was the birthplace of at least two of the races that later inhabited Alagaësia: the elves and Urgals. Little was known about the land of Alalëa by the inhabitants of Alagaësia, for its location was said to be known only to the elves. However, it was known that it lay beyond the Western Sea. At the time of the Fall, the elves were known to possess many maps and histories of Alalëa. It is said in a Q&A that Rhunön may have been from Alalëa.


The elves' crossingEdit

The elves came to Alagaësia on silver ships and it is said the Urgals followed them "like ticks seeking blood". The elves originally came to Alagaësia to escape the aftermath of a terrible mistake.

Behind the scenesEdit

Alalëa is similar to Aman, the western continent beyond the sea, in Tolkien's Middle-earth lore. Aman was a paradise-like land where the first elves and the Valar, Tolkien's equivalent of deities, dwelt before the end of the First Age. Alalëa is the first known home of the elves in Eragon's world.

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