Albriech Horstsson was one of Horst's two sons: his brother was Baldor. He was a friend of Eragon and Roran.

After the destruction of Garrow's homestead, Albriech wanted to pursue the Ra'zac, but Horst considered that to be both foolish and dangerous. Instead, Albriech and Baldor were dispatched to inform Roran of Garrow's death. During the events of Eldest, Thane accused Albriech of stealing his scythe, although this was never followed up on. He later became part of the Varden and was seen training with Lang.


Albriech was the only child out of Carvahall to have blond hair, other than the common dark/brown hair throughout the village. It was revealed that he got this unique hair colour from his mother, Elain, as mentioned in Eldest.