Since the Riders were now responsible for the protection and welfare of three races-although the dwarves yet insist on guarding themselves-and also for the preservation of their combined knowledge, I believed that it was improper for any one group to control us. We had to be impartial if our authority was to be respected by dragons, elves and humans alike.— Anurin's account of the secession

Anurin was an elf and the leader of the Dragon Riders during the time of King Palancar. He convinced the ruling elven monarch, Queen Dellanir, to incorporate humans into the pact between the elves and dragons, thereafter enabling humans to become Riders.

Anurin understood that humans had the potential to become the dominant race of Alagaësia. By joining the human race with that of the elves through the Riders, he was able to prevent any wars over the dominion of Alagaësia from occurring.

The bond caused much controversy within the elves and Anurin then made the decision to move the Riders out of Du Weldenvarden to Vroengard, where they would be their own rulers instead of under the reign of the elf-kingdom. They created the city of Doru Araeba. Thus they were removed from any other authority ruling over the Riders and there were none who could warn them of their own danger to themselves.


As the Leader of the Riders, Anurin was the most powerful of the elite order.  Anurin was an extraordinarily gifted swordsman with amazing speed,strength and magic.

Preceded By Position Succeeded By
(Eventually) Eragon I Head of the Dragon Riders Vrael
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