Don't give thanks now. Wait until the armor saves your life.— Orik

Armor was a body covering, usually made of metal, worn by the warriors of Alagaësia during battle, and occasionally, show.

Global armorEdit

Imperial armorEdit


Imperial soldiers

The Empire's armor was designed as much for looks as practicality. The majority of the armor was red, except for parts of the breast plate which were black; this made them very easy to see. In Imperial cities, the armor was designed to be noticed; unfortunately, this gave soldiers a disadvantage in combat, as the bright red armor drew the attention of enemy archers. The Imperial Army, however, was large enough that they could risk the stylish red colors.

Varden armorEdit

Varden armor varies from warrior to warrior. The majority of their armor is either plate mail or chain mail, as these are the cheapest and easiest to produce.

Urgal armorEdit

Urgals wore very little armor, to demonstrate their courage. However, Garzhvog (a Kull) was described as wearing "a knotted loincloth, a few plates of crude iron armor held together with scraps of mail, and a curved metal disk nestled between his two horns to protect the top of his head."

Dwarven armorEdit

The dwarves wear thick armor. Dwarves were excellent smiths and their armor was some of the finest in Alagaësia.

Elven armorEdit

Elf armor was very beautiful and yet practical.

Carvahall armorEdit

The humans of Carvahall wore little armor, as they were a militia force. What armor they did have was made of thick leather plates woven together to provide some protection.

Eragon's armorEdit

Eragon first wore his armor during the Battle under Farthen Dûr. His armor consisted of:

  • A leather-backed mail shirt that to his knees.
  • A leather cap.
  • On top of the leather cap was a mail coif.
  • A gold-and-silver helm.
  • Greaves and bracers.
  • Mail-backed gauntlets.
  • A broad shield emblazoned with an oak tree.

Dragon armorEdit

Dragon armor covered most of the Dragon's body, with the exception of the wings. Dragon armor was not made often due to the fact that dragons were always growing.

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