Arngor Mountain is located East of the Beor Mountains, "a trailing remnant" of those very same mountains. It was the home that Saphira, Eragon, and the Eldunarí chose as the new home of the Dragon Riders.

Characteristics Edit

According to The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm, Arngor was shorter than the giants of the Beor Mountains yet still many times larger than the mountains of the Spine. It was two weeks of sailing away from Alagaësia-proper

Names Edit

In Dwarvish, Arngor meant "White Mountain", while its other name, Gor Narrveln, meant "Mountain of Gems", for ancient dwarves had created many mines within it. In the Ancient Language it was called Fell Thindarë, "Mountain of the Night", and the elves called its peak Vaeta, "hope". The Urgals called it Ungvek, "Strong-Headed", and humans jokingly called it Hoarspike.

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