Aroughs on a map of Alagaësia

Aroughs is isolated like Ceunon, though it is a center of trade.Eragon

A sketch of Aroughs' layout, by Christopher Paolini.

Aroughs was a city in southern Alagaësia, near Feinster. It was the southernmost city in the Broddring Empire. It was also mentioned that a swamp upon which magic abounds freely was located near this port city. The natural magic was known only as "werelights". Due to its location, it was captured by the Varden during the Rider War. In Brisingr, it was mentioned by Nasuada that she was sending troops to capture the city, while she and King Orrin marched towards Feinster.

In Inheritance, Roran led an attack on the city by smashing the walls using floating battering rams.

Much of the city's population were descendants of the humans that sailed to Alagaësia. At the end of the war, Aroughs was given to Surda by a treaty between Nasuada and King Orrin.


Aroughs was a city built on a swamp with two tiers and high, white, pristine walls. It was noted in Inheritance that it had main gates and several smaller sluice gates that allowed water from the canals to flow in.