Baldor Horstsson was one of Horst's two sons, the other being Albriech. He also has a sister named Hope. He was a friend of both Eragon and Roran.


Baldor was very energetic, spirited, sincere and was liked by most in Carvahall. He was known to be brave and have a good aim with a bow and arrow. Physically, he was thinner than his older brother, Albriech, with dark hair and mostly likely, dark eyes. Roran mentions in Eldest that Baldor has a very good understanding of people.


He was among the villagers of Carvahall who accompanied Roran to Surda. When a Ra'zac mounted on a Lethrblaka threatened the escape of the Dragon Wing from Teirm, Baldor shot the Lethrblaka in its right flank, wounding it. He also helped Roran decide when and how to propose to Katrina without upsetting her father, Sloan. Plus, he helped Roran evade the Ra'zac in Eldest. Later, he and Albriech became part of the Varden and were seen training with Lang. He loses a hand in battle in the final book, but it was remarked to have been magically reattached afterwards.

Mythological and Literary Connections[]

In Norse mythology, Balder, sometimes spelled Baldor or Baldur, was the god of joy and light who was unintentionally slain by Hod, his brother and the blind god of darkness, at the instigation of Loki the trickster.[1] Interestingly considering Baldor's lost of a hand, there is a Norse God who is well known for being one-handed, but it is Tyr rather than Baldor's namesake Baldr.

In Tolkien's legendarium, Baldor was the eldest son of King Brego of Rohan, who, at a feast, vowed to conquer the Paths of the Dead. He was unsuccessful in his quest and was never seen again. His fate led him to earn the epithet "Hapless".[2]


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