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The Battle of Carvahall occurred when Imperial troops commanded by the Ra'zac were sent to question Roran as to the location of his cousin, Eragon. The loyal townspeople refused to give Roran up and a battle ensued.

Imperial Occupation Edit

One day, Roran was hunting and stumbled upon an Imperial camp. When he went back to Carvahall, he learned they were looking for him, so Roran fled into the Spine. The Imperial army set up base directly outside Carvahall while searching for him: not respecting the people of Carvahall. Quimby, the husband of Birgit and father of Nolfavrell, was killed by a drunken soldier. The Ra'zac, who were commanding the army, did not punish the drunken soldier. In fact, they ate Quimby's body and returned only his bones.

The Attack Edit

This act greatly angered the people, so Roran was spirited back into the village and led an attack against the Imperial troops. Sloan, however, betrayed the men of Carvahall and murdered Byrd in the process. This act was apparently meant to help Katrina, Sloan's daughter. The men of Carvahall were able to push the enemy out, at first, but the Empire continued to attack causing great losses to the Carvahall militia, while the Imperial troops began to receive reinforcements.

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Carvahall villagersEdit

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Casualties (Carvahall men) Edit

The Escape Edit

Roran convinced most of Carvahall to leave the town because of the conflict. He then led the people in a mass exodus down the coast of Alagaësia to Teirm. Unfortunately, several of the village elders died because of the bitter weather during the trip. In Teirm, the villagers commandeered the Dragon Wing and sailed to Surda. They arrived in time to aid the Varden in the Battle of The Burning Plains. Sloan and Katrina however were captured by the Ra'zac.