The Belt of Beloth the Wise, known to some as The Belt of The Twelve Stars as explained by Arya to Angela in Inheritance, was lost during some event four centuries prior during the Golden Age of the Riders. It was a long, black and blue sword belt that was given to Eragon by Oromis in Eldest. Pulling on a tassel at the end of the belt would reveal twelve diamonds, which were jewels found by the Riders. Some of the precious gems were traded with the dwarves, elves, as well as even mined by the Riders themselves. Four of the stones were black, four were white and the remainder were red, blue, yellow, as well as brown. It was made of cloth threads woven together in an interlocking pattern that depicted a coiling Lianí Vine. Eragon stored energy into the diamonds to aid him during battle. The belt was taken from Eragon following his capture in Dras-Leona in Inheritance and despite his best attempts he was unable to recover it. It is likely that the belt was destroyed, as Eragon was unable to scry it using the Name of Names, which would be able to see through any spells in the Ancient Language that would otherwise have hidden it from someone trying to scry it. Alternatively it is possible that the spells that hid it from Scrying were cast using Non-verbal manipulation which would render the Name of Names useless for defeating them.

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