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The Beor Mountains were part of a mountain range in southeastern Alagaësia. They were used as the hiding place by the Varden until after the Battle under Farthen Dûr.


The elves named the mountains after the Beorn, the name in the Ancient Language for the cave bear native to the mountain. The real name of the mountains is a secret the dwarves do not tell to other races, even adopted members of their clans such as Eragon.


There's no end to them!— Eragon

Over ten miles high, the Beor Mountains were the tallest mountains in Alagaësia. The peaks faded out of sight into the clouds: all that could be seen was a giant wall of ice and snow, as well as a tiny band of trees near the ground. The peaks are so high that not even the Dragon Riders could reach them.

The dwarves created large cities under and above the Beor Mountains, migrating there after the Hadarac Desert became uninhabitable. The largest of the dwarf cities was Tronjheim, the old capital of the Varden.

The various animals that inhabited the area were:

All of these animals have dwarven clans dedicated after them.


The word "Beorn" in the Ancient Language translates into "bear". This could perhaps be an allusion to the giant Beorn in J. R. R. Tolkien's The Hobbit, who has the ability to transform into a bear.