Sup Chief Sup Chief 5 March 2021

Book V

what is everything you want in book V?

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Sup Chief Sup Chief 2 March 2021

What would be the first thing you do if you get sucked into a portal into Alagaesia.

What would be the First thing you would do if you got sucked into a portal and landed in Alagaesia

(Discuss in the comment section)

This is my first ever blog post and in might not be so good.

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Asarane Asarane 27 September 2019

Role-playing Group

Hey! I started up a role-playing group on Discord set in a world I made up for a book. Anyone wanting to join, comment here, friend me on Discord (Asarane#8343) or say something on my message wall.

A little history:

For as long as anyone could remember, the Spirits ruled over the land of Narduradin. They were kind and benevolent leaders, and everyone was content. The dragons were free to do whatever they wished, and stayed away from humans for the most part. About a century ago, Naynmeire, the Dark One, was approached by an unknown person. This entity is known as the Lord of The Void, and was eternally trapped there to prevent him from causing problems. Naynmeire didn't realize that it was him, and listened. (He appeared in a dream, because …

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Swordsofwrathadmin Swordsofwrathadmin 1 November 2018

Draconic Alliance Halloween Blogpost 2018

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Swordsofwrathadmin Swordsofwrathadmin 7 October 2018

Announcing Draconic Alliance Discord

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Hulk10 Hulk10 28 September 2018

Murtagh and Nasuada

I realize that Nasuada would have a challenge retaining the respect of her subjects if she married Murtagh, but her ability to keep the respect of her subjects despite their objection to the alliance with the Urgals suggests to me that she could find a way to make the relationship work. She could issue a pardon if she chose.

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Swordsofwrathadmin Swordsofwrathadmin 27 September 2018

Draconic Alliance Autumn Blogpost 2018

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LionGuardEscort198 LionGuardEscort198 3 June 2017

Imagine Alagaesia More Like A Worldwide Cast, Dragons With Pals

A dragon is a celestial creatures too there's the constellation of Draco and then there's the thought of a bigger dragon being seen on the moon. Plus how much Asia sees dragons as a creator or a guardian. But there are real things that could spread the width of this tale quetzals they're one of the birds some Native Americans don't see as a gentlebird but describe as a tiny dragon dressed with a robe because of how its feathers appear. Sea dragons are a different shape but they're related to the sea horse so just like there's the narwhal and mythical unicorns there are the real sea dragon who are thinner than the sea horse. and dragons like the big fantasy ones in this story. If a dragon was named amethyst I'd let that one be a brand new r…

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Hulk10 Hulk10 18 February 2017

Inheritance Cycle

This series is almost as dark as the Harry Potter series.

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Skulblaka Esterni Skulblaka Esterni 22 March 2016

Dragons, Riders, The Fate Of Alagaesia Is In Their Hands!

Hello, this is Skulblaka Esterni, Dragon Star, and I welcome you with open arms and wings to my blog page. Here I will write about different characters and places as well as other things I know about Alagaesia. Some of the parts of a word, for example the two dots above the e in Alagaesia I will not be able to do but others, like í I will be able to do. Now, without further ado I would like you to enter the world of Alagaesia, with shades, dragons, riders, elves and more!

I am sorry to say that this blog page is under construction. I will work on it as soon as I can but, I would like you to know, I do have limited amounts of time. 

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Morgan.minore Morgan.minore 26 October 2015


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ChicaShy 123456789 ChicaShy 123456789 23 October 2015

A New Dragon



            My dragon's name is Amythest. If you want me to do a blog on her please let me know!

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Slackroad Slackroad 21 March 2015



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Weas-El Weas-El 27 March 2014

New song "Saphira" by German medieval folk rock band "Schandmaul"

Hi everyone,

I found out today that one of my favourite bands, a German medieval folk rock band named "Schandmaul", published a song titled "Saphira" this year.

You can listen to a short excerpt on their offical website

The lyrics are indeed dealing with Saphira and dragon riders from the Inheritance cycle in general. Perhaps you can find a translation somewhere on the internet.


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Matt Hadick Matt Hadick 5 December 2013

Vote in Wikia's Epic Dragon Battle

Calling all dragon fans! Throughout the centuries, in lands far away and forgotten, mankind has battled dragons. Now, from Middle-earth, the Wizarding World, the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, and many other realms, the great creatures have gathered to fight one another in an epic battle!

As these dragons battle it out, YOU can decide which dragon will reign supreme in Wikia's Epic Dragon Battle! Click here to vote for the dragons you'd like to see move on to the next round, and keep checking back to discover if your chosen dragon has advanced!

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Patricier21 Patricier21 24 November 2013

Why SPECIFICALLY do you NOT like the Eragon movie/do not wish for it to continue ?

I personally find it VERY sad that fans cannot think of a new way to "fix" the remaining movies. I also find it surprising that Eragon grosssed quite a bit more than Lightning Thief and yet it did NOT get a sequel!

Take a look at this page:

A lot have blamed the film for making some changes that will hinder the possible production of a sequel. For example, Roran leaves Palancar Valley just because he doesn't want to be drafted into the army, rather than to earn money to start his own family with Katrina (who did not appear in the film). They also made Brom hunt down and kill the Ra'zac, who are crucial to Eldest and the start of Brisingr. Also, they made Arya the princess of Ellesméra, but not an elf. Elves inhabiting Ellesméra are crucial t…

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Hmm2 Hmm2 23 June 2013

America vs Riders and When Worlds Collide

Hey, on, there are these two stories, America vs Riders and When Worlds Collide. They are both good stories in their own rights, and I suggest you check them out.

America vs Riders:

When Worlds Collide:

I hope you guys like these stories as much as I do.

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Lokijoki Lokijoki 19 June 2013

eragon dies with saphira

eragon goes and commits sucide although he kills galbotorix, saphira dies along with galbotarix

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Magnusterrenum Magnusterrenum 22 March 2013

How Much is One Crown Worth in US Dollars?

About how much would one crown be worth in dollars? And I don't mean the worth of modern crowns. I mean the worth of crowns in the books. Does anyone here know?

Thank you.

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Bchwood Bchwood 5 December 2012

Collaborative Writing Project - An Awesome Adventure

Hi Guys,

I wanted to let you all know about a really cool collaborative writing project we're running on the Lord of the Rings Fanon Wiki. I mention it here because one of the main characters featured in the story is Galbatorix! And who knows Galbatorix better than all you guys on this wiki, right?

The story has just begun and you can help us to author it by going HERE!


Peter 18:31, December 5, 2012 (UTC)

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Mysterygirl000 Mysterygirl000 22 November 2012

Wings of Fire!!!

Go to if u love dragons! I have also become a member of your inherifanon site!! :)

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Gcheung28 Gcheung28 21 November 2012

Wikia Book Club: The Hobbit

We’re excited to announce the next book we’ll be reading for Wikia Book Club is J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit! Whether you’re new to Middle-earth or can recite the Elvin Hymn to Elbereth, this is a great way to celebrate the upcoming release of Peter Jackson’s film The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

Join us on the Literature Wiki Wednesday, Dec. 5th at 5pm PST and then again on Sunday, Dec. 9th at 5pm PST (if you can only make one that’s fine too) on to share your thoughts on Hobbit-holes, diminutive Dwarves, and smoldering Smaug- or whatever your favorite topic may be!

Be sure to follow us on Good Reads and Twitter! While you’re at it, tweet @WikiReads with the title of the next novel you’d like us to Book Club.

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AnjelaWhisperer AnjelaWhisperer 22 June 2012

Angela the Mysterious

Who is Angela? We're all wondering. Theorizing, guessing, throwing things out there, giving the proof, validizing our claims and devaluing others. But little of any importance has actually been said, least of all any common sense.

First I would like to address some oddities about Angela. Her age is the most obvious one. I laughed out loud when I saw on a forum that someone put her at 'at least one hundred.' Yes, at least one hundred. Talk about an understatement. We know that Angela is old, the question is how old. A hundred? Have you even read the books?

Galbatorix overthrew the riders about a century (though probably more) before Eragon found Saphira's egg. After that the elves went so deeply in to hiding that even Galbatorix only managed …

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Wyvern Rex. Wyvern Rex. 18 June 2012

Inheritance deluxe edition

A brief post about the latest release. The book is slated to include:

  • A new scene has been inserted into the book.
  • Artwork from Christopher Paolini and John Jude Palencar.
  • A letter from Jeod on life after the Rider War.
  • A letter from Paolini on the series.

The press release.

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Ericmoro Ericmoro 6 June 2012

Represent Your Wiki at Comic-Con

Known in some circles as the geek Mecca, Comic-Con International: San Diego has become the place for entertainment enthusiasts looking to get their yearly fix of all things film, TV, comics, anime, toys and more. With the 2012 show fast approaching, what better place to celebrate the living, breathing embodiment of Wikia than at the ultimate pop culture event. So I am excited to announce, Wikia is going!

That’s right. We’re pulling up our Internet stakes and traveling circus-style to Southern California where we have a number of fun events planned (meet-ups, parties, interview opportunities, etc.) for the duration of the convention. But what is Wikia without you, the community? After all, is not the whole greater than the sum of its parts?…

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Theblahman Theblahman 22 May 2012

Do you Think...

Several questions you should answer.

Do you think that Murtagh should be with Nasuada?

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Gekkou30 Gekkou30 21 May 2012

Saphira vs Draco Dragon Battle

I'm sure I probably get a large debate or not. But who would win a fight between Saphira and Draco from Dragonheart?

Some say Saphira would win because she's younger and faster than Draco. And knows more dragons powers. Some say it's Draco who is bigger and stronger and more skilled then she is because she's a rookie compared to a veteran Dragon like Draco. Who knows. Why don't you post your comments below and tell me who would win.

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Wyvern Rex. Wyvern Rex. 6 May 2012

New ''Inheritance'' inspired rock song debuts

The results are in for the contest to find the official theme song for Inheritance and the winners are Borna Matosic and his band Meridian Mind with their song The Time of the Dragon Riders. You can listen to the track here or download it from iTunes.

In this forsaken time

While sinister powers command

A young man rises up

Will he fall or make his stand?

Of all the secrets

That are buried in this land

He found the one that

Would lay history in his hands

Into the sky

Dragon wings carry you, Eragon

Two become one

Bring justice to those that have fallen

Into the sky

Fulfill your destiny, Eragon

May the time of the dragon riders come

Relinquish your despair

A scent of hope now colors the air

A sudden spark relumines the flame

And suddenly the world's not the same


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Theblahman Theblahman 30 March 2012


Why have the not made Eldest The Movie??

I want to see Murtagh betray Eragon on TV!! :<

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Anthony ellis Anthony ellis 15 March 2012

Drive to 1500

Hey everyone get as much ideas from Inheritance as you can. If we can make a list of 200 ideas for articles I will send those ideas to Gilderien to purpose them to be made into articles. Now these articles can range from foods to myths and legends to magic, just remember they cannot be a stub article and have to be able to be built upon.

If you get any ideas for articles just send them to my talk page (here) so I can send them to Gilderien, or write them here in the blog. Thanks for reading.

Anthony Ellis 18:38, March 15, 2012 (UTC)

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Guywithafedora Guywithafedora 8 March 2012

One Day More (inheritance version)

This is the Inheritance version of the Les Miserables song "One Day More." This scene is set in and around Uru'baen, the night before the final battle. Tell me what you think.

Murtagh: (sitting with Thorn)

One Day More!

Another day, another destiny.

This never-ending road to Calvary;

These men who seem to know my crime

Will surely come a second time.

One Day More!

Eragon: (clasping Arya's hand)

I did not live until today...

How can I live when we are parted.


One Day More...

Eragon and Arya:

Tomorrow you'll be worlds away.

And yet with you my world has started.

Nasuada: (in chains)

One more day all on my own.

Eragon and Arya:

Will we ever meet again?


One more day with him not caring...

Eragon and Arya:

I was born to be with you.


What a life I…

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Wyvern Rex. Wyvern Rex. 5 March 2012

Copyright? What copyright?

This morning, while searching for new fantasy novels on Amazon, I accidently typed "Inheriwiki" into the search field and through an involuntary reflex left clicked on search. In doing so, I discovered the following travesty:


What, for a start, is it? Why is there a picture of a book of major conflicts in the Star Wars universe and why is it here, adorned with a stock photo of a flower? Why are there four of them? Who is making money out of this? How did this get under the radar? Who buys these books anyway?

If you are wondering, no, I don't endorse these products. Such information as is contained therin will be from November at the latest and hence out of date. Advertising may be advertising but this is ludicrous.

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ThunderShadow ThunderShadow 3 March 2012


Hey everybody! I thought a great way to draw attention to the wiki would be to get... a... Spotlight!

Here is a list of all short pages. Special:ShortPages

We have not so many stubs, so we can get a spotlight!

Who thinks this is a good idea? This time you won't be heard. 15:13, March 3, 2012 (UTC)

Check the Inheriwiki:Sandbox.

Like teh news section? --This time you won't be heard. 22:43, March 4, 2012 (UTC)

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ThunderShadow ThunderShadow 18 February 2012


Hey everybody! I am ThunderShadow, and I am new here.

I made this template, Template:Spoilers, so that it is A LOT easier to see whether an article has spoilers.

If you see an article that has a little S in the top right hand corner, put ]] 19:06, February 18, 2012 (UTC)

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Specialk16 Specialk16 30 January 2012


As all registered users of Inheriwiki probably have noticed, the activity on the Inheriwiki is very low right now. There are only a handful of users that contribute to the wiki and most are administrators, and the rest being random wikia contributors. Does anyone have any ideas to possibly increase the activity on the wiki, user or non-user?. Anyway of promoting the Inheriwiki more and getting our word out there to the fans of the Inheritance Cycle? Anyway of drawing fans from other fan sites and directing them towards this one? All ideas willl be greatly appreciated.

Thanks. --Specialk16Talk 05:54, January 30, 2012 (UTC)

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PurpleTwilightStar PurpleTwilightStar 27 January 2012

Urgals (Generally)

It's hard not to wonder why there are so few mentions of the Urgal Dams in the entire Inheritance Cycle. Personally, I find Urgal's fasinating and when i learnt about the extraordinary feat that Eragon acomplished in Inheritance (Trying to to give away any spoliers here) i was drawn even more deeply into the series. Right at the end. Yes....bare with me.

So, inside my brilliant mind....(right!) i devised a plan. A plan to write a story/ novel/ fanfiction ect ect about Urgals. More specifically, about a Urgal Dam that has been choosen by a dragon egg to be its rider.

I'm purely doing this for a laugh...for myself. Ha!

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Alittlebitofcyanide Alittlebitofcyanide 5 January 2012

The Eragon Fanfiction Wiki Is Up!

The title says it all. :) You can access it here, and I'm really in desperate need of some users for adminship. :D

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LexiLexi LexiLexi 6 December 2011

Reviews for Inheritance (book)

As you are reading Inheritance, the final book in the Inheritance cycle, post your reviews in the comments section for discussion. Like all review pages, this page will contain spoilers, so be warned!

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Nickhar587 Nickhar587 6 December 2011

Eragon - Inheritance

i think at the end eragon should have used the world of all words and then killed murtagh and thorn for oromis and the dwarf kings deaths and then he would have got respect from the dwarfs and stuff

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Weas-El Weas-El 13 November 2011

New record number of visitors

According to Quantcast Inheriwiki reached an new record number of 12,000 visitors per day during the last days since Inheritance was released.

When Brisingr was released there were about 4,000 visitors per day if I understand this correctly.

I just think this had to be recorded somewhere.

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Maniac Cop Maniac Cop 8 November 2011
0 is offline!:0

What's up, my fellow bretheren? In my timezone, Inheritance releases tomorrow! For me, that's even better than COD:MW3 coming out! However, I have noticed a rather pecular thing:I've tried to visit, but it says it's OFFLINE!! Why? Is it because of traffic over Book 4 news cause it's released in their timezone, news over Murtagh's and Thorn's possible deaths or matings, or is Mike McAuley just being stupid? Please alert me on my Talk page when is back up! Thank you!

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Weas-El Weas-El 21 September 2011

Request for adminship: Gilderien

Gilderien is running for administrator. See Inheriwiki:Requests for adminship/Gilderien if you would like to cast your vote. The voting closes at 21:25, 1 October 2011 (UTC).

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Taurus gurl94 Taurus gurl94 8 September 2011

the word "prince" in the ancient language

I've been looking at the ancient language of king, queen and princess and been wondering what prince be in the ancient language. My guess that it would be Könungru since princess would be Dröttningu (which came from the ancient language word for queen, Dröttning). But still....... if you know what it actually is then please feel free to type your guess on to my talk page until we get our answer from Christopher Paolini himself.


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Shurtagal Shurtagal 9 August 2011

Two circling dragons

who were the dragons in eragon's dream (the one with the boat, the dragons and the man crying on the shore)

one of them must have been thorn because he was red and the other one probably was'nt saphira. because in the dream eragon mentions that he saw two dragons, but would'nt it make sense (if it was saphira) to say one dragon and saphira circling above. so the other dragon must be greeni.

and for this reason i think saphira might die and go into her eldunari. leaving dragon's nearly extinct, and that might be why there are people boarding a boat they might be going to seek out female dragon's across the sea.

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Shurtagal Shurtagal 22 July 2011

Near unknown Rider pages

there are pages on riders before the fall but all of these pages tend to have little or no facts on them. (some of the facts on their dragons and races are wrong). I am going to try and edit these pages but might need some info because I have lent my copies of eragon and eldest to someone and as good as my memory is I haven't read either book for a while.

I need info on:

  • kialandi
  • formura
  • vrael
  • anurin

and on the dragons:

  • miremel
  • briem the strong
  • gretiem
  • garzla

please leave the info in the comment section. your help would be very useful. shurtagal 16:58, August 6, 2011 (UTC)

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Shuratagal Shuratagal 15 July 2011

rock of kuthian

does any one have any ideas about what the rock of kuthian might be.

I would like to here some fresh ideas on the matter. because I am confused about it.

I think that it could be something to do with the grey folk (the people who bound magic to the ancient language)because oromis thought they had been destroyed, however I believe that the urgals may be the grey folk but their power was destroyed by the binding of the ancient language.

so the rock of kuthian may be a gem storing energy and maybe even knowledge (the grey people may have been powerful enough to do this). Eragon will then find it and return it to the urgals they will then become more powerful than the elves and more civilised then they will help destroy galbatorix.

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Weas-El Weas-El 13 July 2011

I need your vote!

Dear Inheriwiki team,

I have been nominated for adminship in the German Community Central Wiki recently.

The voting started last friday, july 15, and will end two weeks later, on july 29. There have been two rival candidates, one gave up so there's still one. You can see the candidates here and/or vote for me HERE. :o)

Your support would be hugely appreciated!

Thank you in anticipation.

The voting is closed, I'm the winner. :-) Thanks for your support! --Weas-El  19:36, August 7, 2011 (UTC)
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Wyvern Rex. Wyvern Rex. 26 May 2011

New Inheritance extract

Last night at Book Expo in New York, Christopher Paolini shared with us a new, action-packed extract from Inheritance, taken from the first chapter, Into the Breach. Read on for the latest developments:

The sound was stabbing, slicing, shivering, like metal scraping against stone. Eragon's teeth vibrated in sympathy, and he covered his ears with his hands, grimacing as he twisted around, trying to locate the source of the noise. Saphira tossed her head, and even through the din, he heard her whine in distress.

Eragon swept his gaze over the courtyard twice before he noticed a faint puff of dust rising up the wall of the keep from a foot-wide crack that had appeared beneath the blackened, partially destroyed window where Blödhgarm had killed th…

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General5 7 General5 7 28 April 2011

Good-bye everyone!

Its been so long since I've last been on here. I remember when I first came arrived, that this site was nothing more than abandoned, and since then it has been restored to become an amazing wikia, no doubt because of the community that's worked on it for so long.

Alas, I wish I could be on here to work with everyone, but I simply do not have the time to do so. So it is with a heavy heart that I resign from my position of admin, and move on to better things. You may see me lurking around at times, but this is probably the last you'll here from me.

So thanks to everyone (especially Weas-El; you've done an amazing job), and happy editing for the future.

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Weas-El Weas-El 27 April 2011

Layout of talk and forum pages

I added a little color to talk pages and forum pages. Many inexperienced users seem to have problems to differentiate between articles (allowed to change all content, no signatures) and talk/forum pages (not allowed to alter others' comments, signature required). I hope the background color helps to bring out the difference.

What do you think? Does this make sense? --Weas-El Talk|Contribs 10:43, April 27, 2011 (UTC)

Unfortunately this works in Firefox only so far, I'm working on it. --Weas-El Talk|Contribs 11:40, April 27, 2011 (UTC)
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