Ceunon on a map of Alagaësia

Ceunon was a city located in the north of Alagaësia, on the borders of the Du Weldenvarden forest and built along the North Sea. It was the northernmost city in the Broddring Empire and was likely the headquarters of the Traders. Also, it was where Horst finished the final year of his apprenticeship as a smith under Kelton.

In Brisingr, the elves laid siege to Ceunon and captured it after a group of villagers from the city ventured deep into Du Weldenvarden to gather enormous trees to build siege engines for the Broddring Empire. The aristocrat in charge of Ceunon was Lord Tarrant.

After the end of the Rider War, Eragon and Saphira stayed in the town for three nights. Eragon noted that the city was architecturally unique: the buildings were primarily constructed of wood with several layers of steep, shingled roofs. The buildings were elaborately carved, bearing dragon heads on the tops of the roofs and carved or painted patterns resemblings knots on the doors.