The Crags of Tel'naeír were rocky bluffs above Ellesméra. It was the home of Oromis and Glaedr, located only a few miles north of the Cliff. Eragon and Saphira came to the Crags daily to be instructed in magic, flying, combat, and more. This was also the area where Saphira and Eragon, accompanied by Orik, saw Oromis and Glaedr for the first time. During that meeting, Islanzadí was outraged when she learned Oromis and Glaedr knew about Eragon and Arya.

A lot of Eragon's magical skill and all of his meditation powers were learned at the Crags. The Crags were a place of sanctuary for Oromis and Glaedr: they lived most of their lives there because it was far enough away from the other elves for Oromis to meditate. Arya also raised her dragon Fírnen here.

Real-Universe connectionsEdit

The Crags of Tel'naeír are similar to the planet Dagobah from Star Wars.

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