Dûrgrimst Quan was one of the dwarf clans. They were the clan in charge of religious duties, maintaining dwarven tradition and storing the dwarven gold. Gannel was the clan chief during Eragon's time.

General Information & HistoryEdit

Durgrimst Quan is the smallest of all the dwarven clans, but due to their role as priests and accountants, they maintain a strong presence amongst the dwarven nation. The seat of their authority is at Celbedeil, which was built to emphasize their wealth and standing to all other dwarf clans. Eragon met the leader of Durgrimst Quan and was taught the history of the dwarven race, as well as their rites and traditions by Gannel, who seemed dedicated to Hrothgar and friendly to Eragon, even presenting him with a magical necklace to prevent scrying.

The traditional weapon of this clan was the Hûthvír, which the Quan viewed as only for dwarf use. However, one was won in a gambling match with Angela, who later wielded it in battles.