The deadly compress was a lethal magical spell used to kill enemies by applying constricting pressure to their throat or vital organs. The word used to cast the deadly compress was "thrysta."

Description Edit

There were no noticeable effects of the deadly compress, except that the targeted victim would collapse and die almost instantly. Like the Twelve Words of Death, it operated internally and made no external impact.

Uses Edit

The deadly compress was a very useful spell, because when used on the throat or heart, it could swiftly disable and kill an opponent. It was one of the most efficient ways to quickly dispatch an enemy in the Inheritance cycle, second only to the Twelve Words of Death.

Role in the books Edit

Eragon used the deadly compress while escaping from Gil'ead to kill a soldier. By applying the pressure to his enemy's heart, Eragon killed him swiftly. Eragon told Oromis about this clever use of magic, and the elf shortly thereafter taught him the even more efficient Death Words. After that, Eragon stopped using the deadly compress.

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