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Roe deer

Deer were herbivorous creatures that inhabited Alagaësia. They occurred primarily in forested regions such as Du Weldenvarden and Palancar Valley. They were an excellent source of meat and were thus hunted for extra food. Hunting was considered an amiable pastime and could take place over many days. Deer are tracked by the spoor they leave behind as Eragon exhibited upon his hunting trip into the Spine when he found Saphira's egg.

According to Angela, many deer have been killed by a certain mad red-eyed rabbit.

Deer are an important part of a story included in a deleted scene in the Deluxe Edition of Brisingr. In the story, the Urgal Ahno the Trickster changed his form for that of a deer after he was unable to catch one. He lived as a deer for three years until his father, Svarvok, sent a pack of wolves to pursue him.

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