The Dragon War is the name used to refer to the war between the Dragon Riders under Vrael and the dragon-riding rebels, called the Forsworn, under Galbatorix.

Origin Edit

Galbatorix, his dragon, as well as two of his friends and their dragons were recklessly traveling through the remaining Urgal territory in the far north when they were ambushed by Urgals. Galbatorix fought off the Urgals, but, tragically, his friends, their dragons and his dragon, Jarnunvösk, were killed. According to Christopher Paolini, the Urgals' arrows killed Jarnunvösk because Galbatorix was careless with the wards he placed around his dragon.

Half mad with loss, Galbatorix demanded that the Dragon Riders give him a second dragon. The Council of Elders assembled to judge him (including Oromis), then refused his demand. Now almost completely crazy, Galbatorix killed a Rider and fled into the wilderness.

After many years, Galbatorix convinced Morzan, a Dragon Rider, to help steal a black dragon hatchling named Shruikan from Ilirea, (now Urû'baen) and kill Shruikan's original Rider. Galbatorix and Morzan then fled "to an evil place, where the Riders dared not venture" (Brom, Eragon)

After many years and with thirteen other corrupt Riders, including Morzan, Galbatorix rebelled against the Dragon Riders.

The War Edit

The war was bitter. Though Galbatorix was outnumbered, he had very strong Riders on his side and had amassed hordes of Eldunarí. He himself was an expert at wizard duelling. In catching the Riders off guard, he was able to kill many riders and dragons before they were able to properly defend themselves.

The elves and dwarves also entered the war, on the side of the Dragon Riders in an attempt to quell Galbatorix's rebellion, but to no avail.

During the First Battle of The Burning Plains, the peat deposits in the soil were ignited by the dragons' flames and were still smoldering at the time of the Second Battle of The Burning Plains.

The Fall Edit

The Dragon Riders were defeated and their capital destroyed and all the dragons aside from Shruikan and the Forsworn's were thought to be dead.

The elves were pushed back into their forest home and the dwarves went underground.

The human kingdom, called Broddring was then transformed into the Broddring Empire.

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