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The Dragon Wing was the ship that Roran pirated so he could sail the people of Carvahall to the rebel country of Surda.

Description Edit

The Dragon Wing was a giant three masted ship built for the Broddring Empire by Kinnell. It was filled with provisions and ready to set sail when Jeod, Roran and the villagers of Carvahall commandeered it. It was equipped with ballistae for use in battle. 

The Dragon WIng is probably a "galley" a ship with the ability to be propelled by oars or sails, as is proven when it makes the journey through the Boar's Eye.

History Edit

Origin Edit

The ship was designed to be the spear-head of the Imperial Navy. She was created to attack both pirate ships and mercenary ships employed by the Varden.

Into rebel hands Edit

The ship was pirated by Roran and Jeod with the aid of the villagers of Carvahall. They used the ship to escape from Teirm to Surda.

Through the Boar's Eye Edit

Due to attacks from the Broddring Empire's navy and sea-land forces, the Dragon Wing was forced to go through the feared whirlpool known as the Boar's Eye whilst pursued and attacked by magical fire[1]. The ship completed the seemingly impossible task and arrived at Surda in time for her crew to aid the Varden in the Battle of The Burning Plains, after which she was moored at the Jiet river.


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