Dras-Leona was a city located on the eastern shores of Leona Lake, governed by Lord Marcus Tábor. It was located close to and was home to the priests of the rock formation known as Helgrind, lair of the Ra'zac and the Lethrblaka. The city was known to have supported slave trade. After the Varden overran Feinster, it was revealed that Dras-Leona would be the Varden's last stop before they besieged Urû'baen. Following the siege, Martland Redbeard was governor.


Dras-Leona can be a dangerous place to even the most cautious.Brom

Unlike Teirm, which was well-laid-out and organized, Dras-Leona was a "tangled mess" of ramshackle buildings, constructed of rough brown wood, overlooking winding, narrow streets. The center of the city was encircled by a dirty wall of yellow, daubed mud. A small section of the city was situated outside the walls and was made up of ramshackle huts and lean-tos. The tallest building in the city was the cathedral. Its barbed, black spire rose over five hundred feet above ground and was destroyed by Saphira during the Siege of Dras-Leona in Inheritance.

A large collection of underground tunnels that were supposedly from an unfinished sewer network ran underneath the city. The scholar Jeod discovered this knowledge from his library. Eragon, Arya, Angela, Solembum, as well as one of the elven spellcasters, Wyrden, traveled through this tunnel during the Siege of Dras-Leona. Unknown to their group, it was riddled with traps, including crystal amethyst spikes, that were able to slip past wards. This resulted in the death of Wyrden, as well as led to the witch-child Elva joining their battle at Urû'baen.

The priests have many missing body parts, for they believe the less bones they have, the farther away they are from mortal life and the closer they can be to the Deities.


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Several miles east of the city itself lay Helgrind, a jagged peak of bare rock prickling with spires and columns. The people of Dras-Leona followed a cult religion centered around the worship of Helgrind, the secret lair of the insect-like Ra'zac and the dragon-like Lethrblaka.