...Both sides did things they would regret...Brom

Du Fyrn Skulblaka (The Dragon War) was the name used to refer to the conflict between the elves and dragons, which resulted in the foundation of the Dragon Riders as the peacekeepers in Alagaësia.



Following their arrival in Alagaësia from Alalëa, the elves, a naturally proud race, made the grave mistake of viewing the dragons, native inhabitants of the land, as mere animals. When a naive elven youth hunted and killed a dragon as if it were game and presented it to the others, the anger of the dragons was aroused and they ambushed and slaughtered the elf in retaliation. They then united and assaulted the entire elven nation.

The war[]

Unfortunately, the bloodletting did not stop there.— Brom

Caught at unawares, the elves attempted to reconcile the situation and explain the misunderstanding. Despite their efforts, however, they did not have the means of communicating with the dragons and the dragons' onslaught continued unabated. At first, the elves fought mainly in their own defense, but ultimately the fierceness of the dragons' offensives demanded they make a strike of their own. Soon, a full-scale war was raging.

The war lasted five years, during which time great losses were sustained by both sides. One example of this occurred at what would later be called the Stone of Broken Eggs. In the dead of the night, elves attacked a mountain dragons used to roost, killing many dragons and destroying their eggs.


Eventually, a young elf named Eragon, the namesake of Eragon, came across an abandoned dragon egg. Realizing the benefits of raising a friendly dragon, he kept the hatchling as his own, naming it Bid'Daum. The two formed an inseparable bond and when Bid'Daum became strong enough, he and Eragon traveled across Alagaësia, acting as negotiators between the two races. As a result of their efforts, treaties were then signed that brought peace to the war-torn Alagaësia.


To make certain that war would never again envelop the land, elf and dragon worked together to form the order of the Dragon Riders, peacemakers and ambassadors between each and every race. Eragon became the first Dragon Rider and the order rose to such prominence that the Riders gained respect and honor greater than that given to kings. Humans were added to the pact at the time of Queen Dellanir, but never the dwarves, hence the reason there has never been a dwarf Rider. Saphira compares the hostilities between Urgals and Humans to Du Fyrn Skulblaka.

The elves commemorated the alliance with the dragons during the centennial Agaetí Blödhren (Blood-Oath Celebration).