Dwarvish was the language spoken by the dwarves. It was one of the oldest languages in Alagaësia and used a runic alphabet.


The following are translations of words from Dwarvish to English.[1]

Dwarvish English
Akh For
Akh Guntéraz dorzâda! For Gûntera's adoration!
Akh sartos oen dûrgrimst! For family and clan!
alfrell Kind
arûna To bless
Ascûdgamln Fists of steel
Astim Hefthyn Sight Guard
Az The
Âz knurl deimi lanok. Beware, the rock changes.
Âz Ragni The River
Az Sweldn rak Anhûin the Tears of Anhûin
Azt jok jordn rast. Then you may pass.
barzul a curse; ill fate
barzul knular! Curse them!
barzuln to curse someone with multiple misfortunes
barzûlegûr a curse
belgond pledge
Beor cave bear
cardozada lover
carn one
carvlorss one who arranges
Carkna bragha! Great danger!
delva type of compliment, also form of gold that dwarves love
dorzada love; adoration
dur our
dûrgrimst clan (literally, our hall/home)
dûrgrimstvren clan war
Egraz Carn Bald One
enarûna to bless the most
encesti holiest
Erôthknurl a stone of earth (literally, "earthstone"; plural is Erôthknurln)
eta no
etzil stop
Etzil nithgech! Stop there!
Fanghur dragon-like creatures native to the Beor Mountains
Farthen father
Farthen Dûr Our Father
fild who
Formv This
Formv Hrethcarach … formv Jurgencarmeitder nos eta goroth bahst Tarnag, dur encesti rak kythn! Jok is warrev az barzulegur dur dûrgrimst, Az Sweldn rak Anhûin, mogh tor rak Jurgenvren? Ne udim etal os rast knurlag. Knurlag ana … This Shadeslayer … this Dragon Rider has no place in Tarnag, our holiest of cities! Do you forget the curse our clan, the Tears of Anhûin, bears from the Dragon War? We will not let him pass. He is …
Feldûnost frostbeard (a species of goat native to the Beor Mountains)
Gáldhiem bright/shining head
Ghastgar spear throwing contest akin to jousting and fought on the backs of Feldunost
Grimstborith clan chief
grimstcarvlorss arranger of the house
Grimstnzborith ruler of the Dwarves; literally "hall chief"
Gûntera Aruna Gûntera Bless
hírna likeness; statue
hort moment
huthvir double-bladed staff weapon used by the Dûrgrimst Quan
Hwatum il skilfz gerdumn! Listen to mine words!
Ignh az voth! Bring the food!
Ilf gauhnith Dwarf expression meaning "It is safe and good."
Ilf carnz orodüm. It is one's obligation/fate.
Ingeitum metalworkers; smiths.
Isidar Mithrim Star Sapphire
jok you
Jok is frekk dûrgrimstvren? Do you want a clan war?
knurl stone; rock
knurla dwarf (literally, one of stone)
knurlag man
Knurlag qana qiranu Dûrgrimst Ingeitum! Qarzul ana Hrothgar oen volfild … He was made a member of Clan Ingeitum! Cursed is Hrothgar and all who …
knurlagn men
knurlan dwarf
knurhiem Stonehead
knurlnien Heart of Stone
korda hammer
Kóstha-mérna Foot Pool (a lake)
kythn cities
Ledwonnû Kílf's necklace, necklace
mahl "cave lore" or hidden and powerful knowledge
menknurlan some kind of dwarvish insult
menotho unfaithful or faithless
menthiv son
nagra giant boar
oei yes; affirmative
oen and
Orik Thrifkz menthiv oen Hrethcarach Eragon rak Dûrgrimst Ingeitum. Wharn, az vanyali-carharug Arya. Ne oc Ûndinz grimstbelardn. Orik, Thrifk's son, and Shadeslayer Eragon of Clan Ingeitum. Also, the elf-courier Arya. We are Ûndin's hall-guests.
Os il dom qiranu carn dur thargen, zeitmen, oen grimst vor formv edaris rak skilfz. Narho is belgond … Let our flesh, honor, and hall be made as one by this blood of mine. I do pledge …
otho faith
qetzil stopped
qarzûl cursed
Ragni Hefthyn River Guard
rak of
Sartos family
sheilven cowards
shrrg giant wolf
sigt flicker
smer voth Serve the food.
strâddsigt flickering
sweldn tears
trangnarn a species of hawk found in the Beors whose tail feathers are prized for their pens
Tronjheim Helm of Giants
Urzhad cave bear
vanyali elf
vik scratch
vlorss to arrange
volfild all who
volhort every moment
volhortn all moments
Volund Eternal Fighter
Vol Turin The Endless Staircase
Vor Hrothgarz korda! By Hrothgar's hammer!
vren war
Vrenshrrgn War Wolves
vrron enough
werg an exclamation of disgust

Real-world connectionsEdit

Author Christopher Paolini asserts that Dwarvish is "much more complex and complete than the Ancient Language".[2] While the Ancient Language was closely modeled upon Old Norse, the Dwarvish language was created completely from scratch, though it is similar to Tolkien's Dwarf language, Khuzdûl, in its use of harder letters such as "k", "g", "b," and "z".


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