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Elain is the wife of Horst and mother of Albriech and Baldor. She is a kind woman with honey blond hair. When Eragon became unconscious after bringing Garrow to Carvahall, Elain and Gertrude took care of him. She lived in Carvahall before traveling with the villagers to Surda and did not take part in the Battle of the Burning Plains due to her pregnancy. Elain was pregnant in Eldest and in Brisingr Katrina tells Roran that Elain's child might suffer a miscarriage due to the stress of traveling from Carvahall to Surda. Elain quite often shows signs of pain, including being the first to leave Roran's wedding, pleading pregnancy pains. After the events of King Cat, Elain gives birth to a girl who is born with a cleft lip. Eragon heals it by singing through the night. After she is fully healed, Horst decides to name the girl Hope.

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