Element transformation was the art of using magic to change one element into another. Because of the complexity of the magic, it required a lot of energy and varying incantations in the Ancient Language


The spellcaster would cast his spell and for a while, nothing would happen as the magic absorbed his strength. Once he had expended enough energy, the matter would change into the form he wished it to be.


Element transformation had a wide range of uses, including getting water when none was available. However, its usefulness was severely limited by the huge amounts of energy it required to use.

For years magicians and sorcerers have tried to master this skill without using too much energy, but to date, none have succeeded.

Role in the booksEdit

When Eragon crossed the Hadarac Desert, he tried to turn sand into water. However, doing so required a lot of energy and he nearly died in the process. He resorted to the much simpler task of drawing water from underneath the sand.

Users of this magicEdit

Confirmed to use element transformation:

Probably used element transformation:


It is possible that Galbatorix could use element transformation without killing himself, given his vast powers. However, it would still require too much energy for casual use and would be a power used sparingly.

It is also possible that the Grey Folk used element transformation, but the secrets were lost over time, along with the name of the Ancient Language. If this is so, the descendants of the Grey Folk might teach Eragon or Galbatorix how to efficiently use element transformation.

This could be an attempt at chemistry by the magicians.