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Ellesméra is the capital of the elven kingdom and the residence of the Elven Queen, Arya. It has been protected by Gilderien the Wise since the time of Du Fyrn Skulblaka. It was also home to Oromis, last of the old Rider Order, and Rhunön, the maker of the original Rider's swords. Ellesméra was located deep in the forest of Du Weldenvarden, magically sung entirely from a pine forest. The trees would grow into the shape the singer desired and would naturally blend into the environment.

There was no meat eaten in Ellesméra, or in any of the other elven cities. If Glaedr killed deer, he would take the carcass away from the city so as not to defile the air or pollute the city's water and land with its smell.

Elves sing to trees and plants in the Ancient Language to get them to grow and shape themselves the way the elves want to. This is how they make their houses, bows, as well as other wooden items. Elves also sing to flower seeds to grow them completely from their own energy and magic.

Heart of the city[]

In the very center of Ellesméra was the Menoa Tree, which was once an ancient elf called Linnëa who sang herself into the largest tree in the forest because a betrayal from her loved one. The Menoa Tree was described as one hundred times the girth as the surrounding trees. Eragon discovered that the tree had an inconceivably large consciousness that he could not wrap his mind around.

The Menoa Tree was also very powerful and very protective of the forest. In her confrontation with Eragon and Saphira, she stated that if Galbatorix were to attack her forest, she would destroy him. The full extent of her power is unknown.

The Blood-Oath Celebration took place under the shade of the Menoa Tree in Eldest. Every hundred years, the elves would celebrate the pact that was made with the dragons to establish peace and form the Dragon Riders.

Real-world connections[]

The name Ellesméra bears a curious resemblance to "Ellesmere", a name used for various locations such as a town in Shropshire, England and an island in northern Canada.[1] The name also resembles that of Lake Ellesmere in New Zealand.