Eragon, after having lost Zar'roc during his first duel with Murtagh and Thorn, used a staff, given to him by Roran, during his assault on Helgrind. Eragon gave the staff to Sloan, making him go to Ellesméra, before his return to the Varden. He went to Fredric, the Varden's weapon master to get a new blade. For his fighting style, he temporarily chose a falchion: he was reluctant because it looked like a giant skinning knife. Eragon's falchion featured a gray band known as the thriknzdal, a dwarf invention used on their single-edged swords and the finest of their double-edged swords. According to Fredric, the dwarves temper the edge and spine of their blades separately. This is reminiscent of the technique Rhunön used on Brisingr, making the blade and spine separately, except - in this case - it is a double-edged sword.

The first time Eragon used the falchion in combat was when he and Saphira fought Murtagh and Thorn again. Eragon's falchion was later broken when Eragon was attacked by the assassins of the Az Sweldn rak Anhûin clan in the tunnels beneath Farthen Dûr. All that remained of his falchion was a six-inch portion of jagged metal extending from the hilt of the sword.