Eragon's staff was a length of knotted hawthorn made for Roran by Fisk after he was injured by the Ra'zac. Roran gave it to Eragon as a temporary replacement for Zar'roc before the assault on Helgrind. Eragon fortified the staff with magic, so that it wouldn't break in battle. Saphira was not favorably impressed with the weapon, having warned Eragon that it might not suffice against enemies such as the Ra'zac. When Eragon later lamented his lack of a sword, she reminded him of her previous warning. Despite this, the staff served Eragon well in the battle at Helgrind. It was described as being "ideal for fighting multiple opponents," as Eragon could use it to strike and block with both ends, often simultaneously. He later gave it to the blinded Sloan before compelling him to travel to Ellesméra.

“Wait!” Fisk ran up and, with evident pride, handed Roran a blackened six-foot-long staff of hawthorn wood with a knot of polished roots at the top, and a blued-steel ferrule that tapered into a blunt spike at the base. “I made it last night,” said the carpenter. “I thought that you might have need of it.”Eldest, chapter Exodus