The official Eragon Coloring Book is a book by Christopher Paolini that contains illustrations of characters and places from the Inheritance cycle by fantasy illustrator Ciruelo Cabral. It was announced in December 2016 and released for sale on May 2, 2017.

The book contains 96 pages with author's note (pages 1-3), 46 basic illustrations with descriptions (pages 4-95) and 1 additional illustration of dragon's eye (page 96). All illustrations in the book are colorless and available for coloring by a reader. All pages of the book are perforated, that allows the reader to easily remove images from it, for example for bulletin boards or frames.

List of illustrations Edit

  1. Eragon founds Saphira's egg
  2. Brom tells a story to the villagers of Carvahall
  3. Saphira
  4. Saphira with Eragon dives into Leona Lake
  5. Angela and Solembum
  6. Ajihad and the Twins
  7. Eragon "blesses" baby Elva
  8. King Hrothgar
  9. Arya tests Eragon's sword fighting skills
  10. Isidar Mithrim
  11. Eragon kills Durza the Shade
  12. Queen Islanzadi
  13. Ra'zac and Lethrblaka
  14. Eragon and Saphira meet Oromis and Glaedr
  15. The Menoa Tree
  16. Angela with her sword
  17. Elva
  18. The Dragon Wing ship navigates in the Boar's Eye
  19. The Kull chieftain Nar Garzhvog
  20. Thorn
  21. Eragon jumps from Saphira to Thorn
  22. Murtagh fights with Eragon
  23. Helgrind
  24. The Trial of the Long Knives
  25. Arya's grass ship
  26. Arya and Eragon meet Spirits
  27. The wedding of Roran and Katrina
  28. Dwarf on Feldûnost cathes a spear
  29. The coronation of King Orik
  30. Roran defeats Yarbog
  31. Eragon with Rhunön forges sword Brisingr
  32. Arya and Eragon see Ra'zac hatchling
  33. Saphira escapes from Nidhwal
  34. Saphira and Eragon see the curve of the planet
  35. Snalglí , a giant snail from Vroengard
  36. Cuaroc guarding Dragon eggs
  37. Urû'baen
  38. The doors of the Galbatorix's throne room
  39. Shruikan
  40. King Galbatorix
  41. Arya kills Shruikan
  42. Murtagh heals Nasuada
  43. Fírnen
  44. Eragon and Arya watching the meeting of Saphira and Fírnen
  45. Eragon and Saphira visit Brom's tomb
  46. Talíta ship
  47. Dragon's eye (additional illustration)