Fall of the Riders
The Fall of the Dragon Riders was a period in Alagaësia when the Dragon Riders began to be destroyed.

History Edit

The Cause Edit

A young Dragon Rider named Galbatorix recklessly took his friends and Dragon Jarnunvösk to lands where Urgals were known to live, arrogantly believing that their dragons and Magic would protect them from danger. However, they were attacked and while Galbatorix survived, his friends were butchered and Jarnunvösk was tragically killed by a stray Arrow which pierced through its heart. Galbatorix wandered around looking for Death , half-mad with the loss of his dragon. Urgals and other monsters soon fled from him as he attempted to travel through the Spine. Galbatorix was close to death when a farmer found him collapsed in the mud and he summoned the Riders.

When Galbatorix recovered, he requested another egg to replace the dragon he lost. The Elders, however, refused, as they could tell that Galbatorix had gone corrupt.

Shruikan Edit

Angered, Galbatorix convinced another Rider named Morzan, one strong of body but weak of mind, to unlock a gate to the Dragonhold in Ilirea. Galbatorix found and stole a black dragon hatchling, which he bound to his will with dark magic and named Shruikan.

The Fall Edit

Every time Galbatorix killed a Rider's dragon, he took their Eldunarí. Soon, with the power of the enslaved dragons, he was much stronger than the Riders and easily slaughtered them. Twelve other Riders, including Morzan, joined his ranks and formed the Forsworn. The Riders' leader, Vrael, was said to be the only one who could defeat Galbatorix in combat. However, he too finally fell in battle to the insane Rider due to his hesitation to deliver the fatal blow, allowing Galbatorix to capitalize and wound Vrael in the side. Vrael then fled to Utgard Mountain to rest and regain his strength, but Galbatorix did not let his advantage slip and followed him. They met once more, but as the injured Vrael attempted to fight, Galbatorix kicked him "in the fork of his legs," before decapitating the elder Rider . With Vrael dead, Galbatorix murdered King Angrenost of Broddring, slew the Elvenking Evandar and then declared himself ruler of the new Empire.

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