This article is about the animal Feldûnost. You may be looking for Dûrgrimst Feldûnost.
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Feldûnost were one member of the five animal species unique to the Beor Mountains. Their name meant "frostbeard" in the dwarven language. The dwarven clan Dûrgrimst Feldûnost used the Feldûnost for several things and as a result it became their clan name.

According to Angela, many Feldûnost have been killed by a certain mad red-eyed giant rabbit.

Goat by Horsehuggingdragon


Feldûnost were hardy, sure-footed, goat-like animals, similar in appearance to Mountain Goats but they were a third larger and had longer horns which curled down to their cheeks.

Agricultural useEdit

The dwarves used them to ride over the rough terrain of the mountains as well as utilizing them for the production of milk, wool and meat. They were much more useful than Horses or donkeys because they had exceptional balance and gave a very smooth ride. They would find a safe path in rough territory. They were also ridden for certain cultural tournaments, such as the Ghastgar.

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