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And I am Gannel, son of Orm Bloodaxe and clan chief of Dûrgrimst Quan.— Gannel

Gannel was the dwarf priest who tutored Eragon in Dwarven customs and religion after Eragon was invited to be a part of Dûrgrimst Ingeitum. Although Gannel was very old, he was an expert at fighting with hûthvír: hûthvír was a wooden staff with blades on the ends. Gannel was also the clan chief of Dûrgrimst Quan.

When giving Eragon had a tour of Celbedeil, Gannel presented Eragon with a small silver hammer designed to be worn around the neck that was imbued with magic properties to stop anyone scrying the wearer. Eragon was worried that Gannel may have placed other spells in it, however he did not find any.

Gannel originally wanted to be dwarf king and had a small backing of two other clan chiefs, Ûndin, chief of Dûrgrimst Ragni Hefthyn, and Hadfala, chief of Dûrgrimst Ebardac. When this failed, Gannel voted for Nado as the dwarf king. Orik was furious about this and said "Gannel has been playing against me,". He also affected the vote of other dwarf clan chiefs, because it was believed if they wish to keep the dwarf Deities happy, they had to be on good terms with Gannel.

Gannel also performed the coronation for Orik where Gûntera appeared.