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Garrow Cadocsson was the son of Cadoc, the brother of Selena, the late Marian's husband, the father of Roran, the father-in-law of Katrina, paternal grandfather of Ismira, the brother-in-law of Morzan, as well as the uncle of Murtagh and Eragon.

History[edit | edit source]

About sixteen years before the events in Eragon, Selena arrived at Carvahall alone and pregnant. She pleaded desperately for Garrow to take care of her upcoming baby and after giving birth to Eragon, she departed and was never to be seen again. From then on, Garrow raised and took care of Eragon, even after Marian's death. Roran and Eragon got along perfectly and were as close as brothers.

Role in Eragon[edit | edit source]

After Eragon found Saphira's egg in The Spine, two strangers came to Carvahall in search of him. At about the same time, Roran left for a job at a mill in Therinsford. The strangers started questioning about Eragon's whereabouts and after finding nothing at Garrow's farm, the strangers completely demolished it and slaughtered Garrow in the process. This saddened Eragon very much: he couldn't accept that Garrow was gone, because then there was nothing left to believe in. He even felt like he would lose his sanity, but Saphira convinced him to go on with his life and pursue the strangers. Eragon chose to chase the strangers with Brom: by pursuing the strangers, he also, in a way, diverted the attention away from the town (at least for the time being, for the peace did not last). It wasn't until Eldest that it is explained that during Eragon's travels, Roran had received the news of Garrow's death and had been back in Carvahall planning his new life.

Role in Inheritance[edit | edit source]

Garrow appears in one of Eragon's waking dreams in the preview chapter of Inheritance, asking Eragon where he'd been and that the horses needed feeding. This was omitted from the final book. He also is one of the most important characters in the book because he grew took care of Eragon and when the Ra'zac killed him Eragon started his journey.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Garrow was tall, with a stick-like frame, a lean, narrow face; intense, hungry eyes, and graying hair.

Garrow was a very proud man and though he knew how to read, he did not teach his son Roran, or his nephew Eragon, because he considered it above farmers to know something that had nothing to do with their station.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In "Reunion" (the last chapter of EldestRoran and Eragon discuss Garrow and how Eragon thinks he deserves the right to call him his father, saying to Roran, "I have as much right to call him that as you. Look within yourself; you know it to be true."  The last sentence parallels one of Darth Vader's from The Empire Strikes Back when he tells Luke that he is his son in a discussion of Luke's parentage, similar to Roran and Eragon's.
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