Humans and Dwarves[]

Eragon, a male human

Humans and Dwarves believed that males and females were of equal value, though they often had different roles in society. Apparently, in villages, men provided for their families, while women were mostly at home. The exceptions however, for example : Nasuada, Íorûnn, Angela, Marelda etc., prove that such distinction was rather customary than set, oppressive rule.

In abovementioned custom we can see some resemblance with Tolkien's works concerning gender roles. For example, according to "Laws and Customs among the Eldar" both male and female Elves could do almost everything equally; however, male ones - neri, - mostly went to war and hunting, while females - nisi, - practised the art of healing, though they could defend themselves when needed.

Elves, Urgals, and Dragons[]

Arya, a female elf

Elves and Urgals believed that males and females had the same roles. Elves allowed both genders to do the same jobs, while Urgals believed both genders should be trained in warfare. Dragons put females and males on equal footing, with females being considered particularly ferocious and more beautiful than the males.


Notable males[]

Notable females[]