An illustration for Hûthvír

The Hûthvír was a type of staff-sword used by the dwarf clan Dûrgrimst Quan. Angela, the herbalist, was able to obtain one when she defeated a dwarf priest in a game of riddles. This was considered blasphemous as only the Dûrgrimst Quan was allowed to use the weapon and many dwarves resented the herbalist because of it.


A staff-sword is very difficult to wield skillfully, but an expert at a staff-sword could be exceptionally deadly. This is mainly because the enemies they will face are quite unfamiliar with the style of the staff-sword and they will not know what it is capable of. The hûthvír is generally used to duel many foes at once, because either end can be used to fight one opponent each. Speed is of the essence with one of these and slashing is the recommended attack, for stabbing would enable you to be attacked by another foe whilst you deal with one other. Mostly, these are used to keep people at bay, as they are not as powerful as most swords.


The hûthvír is a strange two-handed wood shaft, with a sword blade attached to either side of it. In Celbedeil, Gannel used a hûthvír to spar three younger dwarves. In the end, Gannel bested his opponents and sent them crashing to the floor. The hûthvír could be transported disassembled, in a wooden case, the blades being separated from the shaft.

Angela wielded this weapon in the Battle under Farthen Dûr against the attacking Urgals, displaying a deadly proficiency with the hûthvír in battle.