A halberd was a combination of an axe and a pike (spear-like lance). It consisted of a shaft a bit longer than that of a spear, with a spearhead at the end and an axeblade on one side of the shaft. It was a very effective weapon for infantry, as an infantryman could use it to cut down any attackers before they reached him. If you wielded a halberd, you would have to be a very trained and effective fighter in the fields of jabbing, stabbing, and chopping, as these were the main motions used when wielding this weapon.

Uses in battle[]

A halberd was used in battle as a combination of a spear and an axe, merging the benefits of these weapons to create one more powerful than its separate parts. As a spear, it was held out in front of the wielder if his enemy was charging him, so as to allow the attacker to run right into the halberd. As an axe, the halberd would be raised above the head and slammed down into the attacker's body, much as an axe would be used. As a spear and axe combined, the halberd was a very unique and effective weapon when brandished by an experienced fighter.

Who used a halberd?[]

The halberd was a weapon commonly wielded by some Imperial Army soldiers, as it was very effective against any Varden enemies except magic users, siege weapons, bows and arrows, and machines of war (unless the wielder was nimble and carried a shield). The halberd did not appear in the Eragon movie,though one of the Urgals' unique weapons could be considered a halberd.


When Orik was much younger, he threw his boot at a dwarf who left his halberd where someone could step on it and broke his nose. Hrothgar then beat into him the lesson that one must not lose their temper at a subordinate who makes a mistake. Orik told the story of this incident to Eragon in Eldest after Eragon became snappish with Dûthmér for expressing concern about the state of his back, when he wanted to be left in peace.