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Helen was a female human. She was the wife of Jeod. Their relationship was an unhappy one: it was often disrupted due to Jeod's business problems and because of that, husband and wife were constantly arguing with each other. They eventually made up, however and decided to start anew when Roran and the rest of Carvahall arrived at Teirm. Together, they planned their journey to Surda to seek the Varden and escape the Broddring Empire.

Helen's father was a businessman of some renown and had she not chosen to marry Jeod, she likely would have carried on the family business. She was used to a comfortable life with servants and only reluctantly joined her husband in escaping the city of Teirm. She found herself dissatisfied being the wife to a common swordsman amongst the Varden, but her prospects improved once she received a gift of a golden sphere from Eragon.