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The following is a basic guide to writing an Inheriwiki article.

Basic formattingEdit

All article titles should be singular, rather than plural (Dragon rather than Dragons). When possible, articles should have a lead (or introduction) of several sentences, enough to give the reader a basic idea of the topic. The elements of the lead can be addressed in detail further on in the article.

Unless they contain a proper noun, section titles should not be capitalized, apart from the first word.

When possible, articles should contain a section listing references and/or notes.

Composition and styleEdit

Articles should be written in the past tense ("Eragon went to Teirm", rather than "Eragon goes to Teirm").

Generally, articles on the Inheriwiki should not be excessively wordy. This doesn't mean that contributors cannot make use of a good vocabulary, but long blocks of text filled with three- and four-syllable words can be overwhelming. Be inventive, but be concise.

Content (Inheriwiki is an encyclopedia)Edit

The Inheriwiki is not the place for vanity pages. In other words, this is not the place for you to advertise your Inheritance fansite. Inheriwiki is an encyclopedia. Unless a topic has significant importance and a major impact on the entire Inheritance world, it probably should not be mentioned here.

Likewise, the Inheriwiki isn't for speculation. As much as possible, all articles should be strictly canonical. Because the Inheritance trilogy is as yet unfinished, conjecture may spring up on occasion, but all conjectural material should be removed as soon as canonical information becomes available.


To categorize an article, simply add the following code to the bottom of the page, and change "CATEGORYNAME" to the correct name.


For example, to add the article "Katrina" to the Character Category, you would add the following to the bottom of the page:

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