Horst's house was the house of Horst, Elain, Albriech, and Baldor in Carvahall. Horst built it himself, so he could have a view of the mountains. Horst put a lot of time and effort into this house, saying he broke 3 toes just trying the put part of the door in. Roran stayed there after he left his job as a miller in Therinsford. On the second floor there was a balcony that extended from a tall window. Water spouts in the shape of gargoyles were all around. The doors and windows were framed by carvings of ravens, serpents, harts, and vines. A big, curved, staircase leads to the second floor. The walls are the color of honey. There is a fireplace and at the top of the stair a long hallway. There is a kitchen and guest rooms. It stood for a long time, until it was burned down after the villagers left for Surda.

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