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Hrothgar was the forty-second dwarf king, the leader controlling the thirteen dwarf clans. He held this position for more than a century and was considered ancient even by the dwarves.

As king, he was directly in charge of the Clan of Master Smiths and Metalworkers, the Dûrgrimst Ingeitum, as well as simultaneously ruled the twelve other clans as well, although he also gave jurisdiction to leaders under him.


Little was revealed concerning Hrothgar's past. He had faith in Ajihad, leader of the Varden, as well as managed to uphold an alliance between the humans and dwarves. After Orik's parents died, Hrothgar took him in and made Orik his heir. He also honored Eragon by bestowing upon him membership in the Dûrgrimst Ingeitum. He and the Dwarves under him fought alongside the Varden in the Battle of The Burning Plains. Although he fought valiantly, he was subsequently slain by Murtagh. This was a double tragedy for the Dwarves, because Hrothgar had wished to die facing a foe in melee combat, not a cowardly magic user.

Hrothgar was often kind to Nasuada during her youth and his loss weighed on her greatly.


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In the Eragon film, Hrothgar is portrayed as human size, but according to canon, dwarves barely reach the elbow of most humans.

Like all dwarves, Hrothgar had fourteen toes, seven on each foot.

Hrothgar had a grim and weathered face, hewn by many years of experience, as well as deep set flinty eyes. He had a powerful chest and a long white beard. He also wore the dwarven crown/helm, which was gold, set with rubies and diamonds. When Eragon first met him he wore a shirt of mail. Like the 41 other dwarf kings before him, Hrothgar used the ancient war hammer Volund as his weapon. Orik describes Hrothgar as "quick to anger , but he is wise and sees keenly into the minds of men".

Connections and Comparisons[]

Hrothgar was the name of the sixth-century legendary king of Danes featuring in the Anglo-Saxon epics, Beowulf and Widsith and various Norse legends (See Hrothgar).

There is also a mountain in The Elder Scrolls series of video games, which is the highest mountain in all of the known world. This mountain was called Throat of the World on which the monastery of High Hrothgar stands, which is very unlikely to be a reference to the Inheritance Series as Skyrim is based on Norse mythology.

Also, in Elder Scrolls, an artifact which appears from the beginning of the series is named Volendrung, which is familiar to Hrothgar's weapon, Volund. However, since the concept, idea and appearance of Volendrung pre-dates the Inheritance Series (the concept was planned into the game circa 1995) it isn't sure who referred to who.

Preceded By Position Succeeded By
Unknown, eventually Dóndar Dwarf Monarch Orik