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Ilirea ( referred to as Urû'baen during Galbatorix's reign) was the last elven stronghold outside of Du Weldenvarden.

This is where Oromis trained Brom and Morzan. This is also where Oromis made the fairth that he showed Eragon. Population wise, Ilirea was a fairly sized city although it is likely that as Galbatorix grew in power, much of its population emigrated to the relative safety of Du Weldenvarden. Estimates remain that at the time it fell, Ilirea was home to roughly one hundred thousand Elves and Human Riders. Most, if not all of them, were butchered by Galbatorix and despite costly efforts by the Broddring Empire to repopulate the city with its subjects, the population remained at fewer than sixty thousand under imperial rule. Military wise, the city was an extremely valuable outpost for the Elves and its inhabitants were being trained in the art of war before they were conquered. It is possible that as many as one hundred and twenty thousand Elves and Riders stood at arms when the city collapsed.

After Galbatorix died and Nasuada was named his successor as Queen, she reverted the name of Urû'baen back to its original name of Ilirea.

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