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Arya (formally titled Arya Svit-kona and also known as Arya Dröttningu) was a female elf, the daughter of Queen Islanzadí Dröttning and her husband Evandar, and therefore a princess. Stunningly beautiful, with raven-black hair and green eyes, Arya was also an accomplished swordswoman and magic user. Eragon expressed his deep feelings for her on many occasions, but because of the broad age gap between them, Arya chose to reject his advances.

Arya passionately supported the cause of the Varden, and with the consent of the elves was chosen as the courier of the one dragon egg in rebel possession. When Galbatorix sent Durza to ambush her on her mission, she managed to teleport the precious egg towards Carvahall, where it was found by Eragon.

Arya fought with the forces of the Varden at the Battle under Farthen Dûr and the Battle of The Burning Plains. (more...)

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