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Brom was a male human and a former Dragon Rider. After the Riders were destroyed at the end of the Dragon War, Brom devoted his life to opposing Galbatorix and The Empire, and organized a resistance force called the Varden. He later became Eragon's first mentor in the arts of magic and swordsmanship. He sacrificed himself to save Eragon from the Ra'zac.

Brom came from a family of illuminators in Kuasta, a remote city near the Sea, far south of Carvahall. His mother was named Nelda and his father Holcomb. Kuasta was so isolated by the Spine that it became a peculiar place, full of strange customs and superstitions. When he was new to Ilirea (Urû'baen), for instance, Brom would knock on a door frame three times before entering or exiting a room. The other students laughed at these habits, so Brom quickly abandoned them. (more...)

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